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Portfolio, PDF Version

BEN HENRY - Portfolio - 12.2017 (PDF)

Storytelling, Communications

Exempt Certification Benefit: Video production and narrative building

Policy Analysis

“Reversing the Trend: A Longitudinal Study of Living Wages as Compared to Projected Minimum Wages” (2014)

“Honest Elections Initiative Promotes Political Desegregation in Seattle” (2016)

National Policy Reports

“Low Wage Nation: Nearly Half of New Jobs Don't Pay Enough to Make Ends Meet” (2015)

“Equity in the Balance: How a Living Wage Would Help Women and People of Color Make Ends Meet” (2015)

“Unfair, Deceptive, & Abusive: Debt Collectors Profit from Aggressive Tactics” (2016)

“Sentenced to Debt: The Hidden Costs of Unaffordable Education” (2016)

“Wasted Wealth: How the Wall Street Crash Continues to Stall Economic Recovery and Deepen Racial Inequity in America” (2013)

“Bad Medicine: Pharmaceuticals’ Prescription for Profits over People” (2013)


National Public Radio interview:

Montana public television interview (with video graphics straight from the '80s):

KUOW interview on student debt and living wages:

Work Session, Washington State House Labor & Workforce Development Committee: